Behind the Scenes: Our Conche Department

Pouring Chocolate

This week we’re giving you a rare sneak peek into our Conche Department, where Moo Free, based in Devon, creates its delicious, ethical dairy free chocolate.

It’s run by a small close-knit team who take great care and pride in producing great ranges of chocolate. So, here’s how we do it, as you can see from the photo below, the large silver tank is what we call the Fat Melter. This is where the process begins.


We melt down big blocks of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter. Once these blocks have melted, we pump the combined mix over to the next phase of the process called the conche, where we add our dry ingredients.

A conche is a large machine that acts as a surface scraper inside, to help refine all of our ingredients together. This forms a silky smooth and great tasting chocolate.


Once our ingredients are mixed together, and have passed quality control, the chocolate is held in heated storage tanks that continuously stir the chocolate, ensuring it stays silky smooth and creamy (without the milk!).

We use these to transfer the final chocolate recipe to our production team. Here they make a wonderful range of organic and dairy free goodies that you can buy for yourself over on our online store at